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Favourite VSCode Extensions

I’ve been using VSCode for about 3 years now, it’s not the best editor out there, but I like it. I try to keep it minimal with only a few extensions for executing certain things quickly and easily. Here’s a list of the extensions I use: C# - I’ve been writing C# over 5 years now, the first years I used Visual Studio, then vscode came out and I switched.

Editors Choice

I’ve used a few editors over time, Emacs, Atom, Sublime, Vim, VSCode, IntelliJ, Visual Studio and Xcode. From those I’ve used professionally Xcode, Emacs, Visual Studio, vim, vscode and Intellij. I have tried to use atom and sublime, but they never really stack. Here is a small review of what I like and what I don’t for each one of them. FYI my favourite 2 are vim and vscode. Atom didn’t really click for me, I’ve met people that liked it, but I never managed to like it.