Quick Information

I go by the nickname ipinak and I like distributed systems and mobile computers.

My life outside of computers: Snowboarding, Football (Soccer), Running, Fishing, Photography

Favorite quote

But the heart leaps up and shouts: "I am the peasant who jumps on the stage to meddle with the course of the world!"
-- Nikos Kazantzakis

Status Quo

I'm currently building two web services using python.

I work as a software developer in the telecom industry.

I've worked as an Android developer, in the past.

I make apps for iOS and you can find them on the App Store.

My Projects

So far I've released these apps for iOS iFlashlight Pro, GPS Locator, Emergency Phones, Compus and atHeraklion.

I have developed many test projects, while investigating iOS (actually, when I started, it was still iPhone OS).
I have a pet project as well, regarding WiFi location sensing. It will probably never see the light of the App Store, since it's against the agreement between "me" and "Apple Inc.".

At the moment, I'm building two web services using Python, both are REST based and incorporate the power of various frameworks like flask and SQLAlchemy.
Droid Toolbox is a service to discover new libraries for Android development. You can also find posts with tips & tricks regarding Android development. The service is hosted using Digital Ocean's VPS.

My Expertise

Programming Objective-C (iOS SDK) Erlang Python Java (SE, Android) C/C++ (STL, OpenMP, pthreads) C# (ASP.NET)
OS Mac OS Ubuntu Windows
Other Bash scripting SQL (MySQL, SQL Server) JSON, XML Git, ClearCase
Skills Team spirit Observational Quick learner